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We Provide

  • Experienced and Trained Supervisors
  • Visits in the relaxed and family environment or your home or other court appointed location
  • Transportation of children to and from visits
  • Detailed documentation and assessments regarding interactions, challenges, progression in relationships, behavior management and parenting skills
  • Flexible schedules
  • Homemaker skills
  • Affordable cost


Supervised Visits with Family First as your first option can help with:

  • Normalizing your relationship with your child
  • Improving parenting skills and to establish a healthy combination of interaction and contact
  • Working toward independent contact between you and your child
  • Controlling anger, inappropriate behavior or where there is concern of substance abuse
  • Monitoring concerns about allegations due to parental disputes

Our objectives

  • Maintain safety of all parties involved
  • Supervise and monitor all interactions between parents and children and intervening when the welfare of the child is it risk
  • To ensure visits are in a relaxed and natural environment that give you realistic interactions and the reconnection of your relationship
  • Flexibility when scheduling visits for both parents and children
  • To be an observer and a neutral non agent to either participating parents or custodial parties
  • Ensure all parties are following agreement terms and compliance with the terms identified through any formal or informal agreement between parties and the courts